Akuna Springs is Single Source,

Pure Artesian Water

Akuna Springs™, purely Australian.

The Northern Territory, famous for its pristine environment, stunning scenery and spiritual landscapes, is now home to the newest Australian water to hit the domestic and international beverages market.

To maintain good health and vitality, drink Akuna Springs™ water with its crisp, fresh taste and unique balance of natural minerals. Akuna Springs water is single-source, pure artesian water in high quality PET bottles, with a 2 year shelf life and available in various pack sizes with the ability to cater to different markets.

Akuna Springs™ is 100% Australian Made.

Our beautiful tasting water is drawn from a natural artesian aquifer that's formation is over 1 million years old. The mineral-rich water contained in the South Alligator Dolostone aquifer at acacia hills in Darwin, NT, is naturally purified over 10,000 years through a series of limestone and quartz rocks, giving the water a crisp and refreshingly smooth taste.

Our water is naturally purified, which means no chemicals or minerals are artificially infused; just a fine balance of beautiful silky, smooth water drawn from an unadulterated source.

Our brand aims to donate 10% of all our pretax profits to the Akuna Foundation™, to be distributed to Territory and Australian projects that need help. The foundation will help to sponsor community projects, Indigenous literacy and sporting programmes and help support territory organisation’s that need funding to keep the vibrant community spirit alive. 

Akuna Springs Pure Artesian Water

Your body is made of 75% water, meaning you are not just what you eat; you are what you drink

Our water not only tastes beautiful, but is also high in natural mineral content!

A pH level of 8.1 for high alkalinity to balance the body's acidity levels, aid digestion and assist with removing harmful toxins in the body.

High levels of silica for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Low sodium for heart health.

It is also rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium for every day function.

Keeping Australia Hydrated